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We are John and Jessica Nelson, Owners of The Refinery
Gym. We were born and raised in Magna Utah, High
School sweethearts and have been married for over 20
We have always loved working out as part of a healthy
lifestyle. We grew to love all different kinds of equipment
and have been big into home gym life for over a decade.
We grew to appreciate and prefer specific models of
commercial machines that are the most effective for
body refinement and have the best overall feel.
Our collection outgrew our large barn at home and we
felt a strong desire to share these amazing machines with
other passionate people.
We have now moved our personal collection to The
Refinery Gym for everyone to enjoy as much as we do.
Most of our equipment is very rare and difficult to find.
These are the most sought-after machines ever made.
We look forward to meeting you and providing a super
positive, friendly space for you to refine yourself as you
see fit.

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